Private Utility Locating

Call us before you dig


We are private utility locators, unlike “Call 811”, we locate ALL buried utilities. Over 60% of buried lines are private, meaning they are not located by 811. These can be electrical lines to outdoor spas, power to outbuildings, gas lines for outdoor BBQ’s, heated stock tanks, or anything beyond the basic utility companies’ lines.

811 covers lines up to the meter for utilities supplied by Northwestern Energy, Spectrum, MDU, and more, but is not responsible for any others you may find while digging.

We are certified private utility locators and we can find all buried utilities. Avoid costly repairs or possible injury by thoroughly locating all lines before you dig. We locate in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

  • Water line location

  • Sewer line location

  • Storm drain location

  • Cell Site location

  • Power line location

  • Cable line location

  • Gas line location

Let us mark your buried lines before you dig!