Mission – Reviews

Our Mission:

Our mission at Anchor Electric Contracting Corporation is to cooperatively pursue life, liberty, and happiness through our investments in good people and good work throughout the electrical industry.

Our Vision:

Our vision at Anchor Electric Contracting Corporation is to grow through diversificationfocused on the electrical industry by performing high-quality work while providing high quality of life opportunities for as many as we interact with.

Our Values:

Honesty, integrity, and professionalism
Family, friendships, and enjoying life
Hard work, loyalty, and achievement

Our Goal:

To honor our promises and commitments
To deliver results
To be welcomed back

Our Objective:

To provide ingenuities with comprehensive insight
To remain conversant with new and improved best practices
To be a valued business partner to each contractor and client



Anchor- Alex Lindstrom took care of my 80-year-old father with Respect. Honesty and Integrity.  ~ Leta

Alex and Ken came and looked at an electrical issue in our office today. They spent time looking at the issue and talking to me about solutions. They were super helpful and didn’t charge me anything! I recommend these guys! ~ Gabriel

This company worked to make sure to get someone to us in an emergency situation. Quality service, friendly serviceman. ~ Jodi

Been working with an anchor for years been a pleasure working with them they’ve always been fair in their pricing and scheduling ~ Tony

The guys at Anchor are great! They always have a positive attitude and work as hard as possible to get your project completed quickly. You will not have to have them come back and fix mistakes because they pay attention to detail. Their electricians are the best with really good communication skills. They are problem solvers and dependable. You won’t be disappointed when you hire them for your residential electrical needs. ~ Marla